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Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear Plus (Pink)

The ultimate Back-To-Sleep aid. Designed by a doctor and used successfully in maternity wards for over 30 years, the Original Slumber Bear helped millions of newborns--and their parents--to get a good night's sleep. The new Slumber Bear Plus features a multi-function sound box playing womb sounds, lullabies, ocean waves and white noise. There is also a recordable feature allowing you to save your own unique message for baby. Comforting sounds lull baby to sleep in minutes and sound and motion sensors reactivate the recording when your baby cries or jostles the bear. Velcro strap allows you to secure the removable sound box to cot rails or pushchairs. Requires four AAA batteries (not supplied).

Each Slumber Bear Plus arrives with its own Silkie. Parents can bond with Baby by keeping Silkie close to their skin, transferring their scent to the blanket. The scent then comforts and reassures Baby when parents are out of reach and the soft, smooth texture provides beneficial tactile stimulation.


It has been brought to our attention that some consumers have been experiencing problems with the soundbox unit sold with our Slumber Bears. This matter was investigated last year and the fault was found to be the result of incompatibilities with some brand of batteries used. Duracell was identified to be the main problematic brand of batteries. Prince Lionheart has now made a slight design change to mitigate this problem and all future soundbox units received will be free from this problem and we would expect returns level to return to their low levels of c1% going forward. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your customers. Of those customers who encounter a problem with their soundbox, many are able to resolve the problem immediately by changing the battery brand. In the rare instance where this is not successful, Prince Lionheart stands behind its products and replaces the soundbox as a service to our customer. Prince Lionheart (UK) Ltd is committed to ensuring that all our products meet the highest standard and level of quality, and diligently investigate all concerns that our customers have. We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention; we will continue to monitor the performance of this product, of which millions have been sold worldwide.

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