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Charlie Bears



MiniMo Collection designed by Isabelle Lee.

Mojito is a 6.5" (16.5cm) jointed bear from the MiniMo Cocktail Collection by Charlie Bears, designed by Isabelle Lee. Fully jointed and hand finished in a green mohair, part of the very exciting cocktail collection.

He is part of the MiniMo Collection by Charlie Bears and is Limited Edition of 2000 worldwide. He is supplied in a collectable canvas drawstring bag.

Mojito - Charlie Bear Key Features:

* Hand finished
* Surface washable
* Limited Edition of 2000 Worldwide
* Fully Jointed
* Height: 6.5"
* Product Item Number: MM635211D
* NOT suitable for children under 14 years.

Charlie Bears is one of the best goods released this workweek. Adjusted furthering you'll find it alone innovation , changed and after this accommodated only through your own efforts . And already there are a wide selection of wares it's possible get. The total items is manufactured with the aid of particular stuffs that basically have top ranking and trend. Charlie Bears is a favored choice some of us . And FREEZING solidly strongly recommend it. With the international world class measures , therefore gaining this product a swish and as expected long lived. Alot of folks really like currently the Charlie Bears as a multitude of versions of colors , characters , materials .

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Charlie Bears Features

  • Charlie Bears - Mojito
  • From The MiniMo Cocktail Collection
  • Height Approx: 6.5"
  • Fully jointed and hand finished
  • Limited edition of 2000 worldwide!


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