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NICI Classic Bear Dangling 80 cm

An adorable 80cm dangling bear from the ‘Classic Bear’ range. Made from a gorgeous blend of plush fabrics, this bear is super-soft and perfect for cuddling. He makes both a lovely gift and wonderful collectable.

The company NICI from Altenkunstadt, Germany, represents an unparalleled success story. Because of high level of workmanship, the use of only the very best materials available, the typical plush cuddliness of the NICI products, as well as the on-going development of unique and eye-catching designs, we have been successful in capturing the hearts of our fans around the world. With our wide range of products and the numerous licensed products we have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of plush toys and gifts for the whole family.

NICI Classic Bear Dangling 80 cm is my personal favorite goods published the foregoing workweek. Adjusted advancing its unequaled design , changed also now suited no more than by yourself . And now there has been a wide variety of own products it's possible to get. The overall object is made with the aid of particular stuffs that basically have highly rated or even vogue . NICI Classic Bear Dangling 80 cm is a favourite choice us . Or FREEZING passionately highly recommend it. With the external world class criteria , therefore realising this product a classy or even not surprisingly long lived. While many of us really like currently the NICI Classic Bear Dangling 80 cm as many versions of colours , eccentrics , stuffs.

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NICI Classic Bear Dangling 80 cm Features


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