Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

Heunec 723573

Cowboy Horse with Sound 100 kg Loading Capacity

The large seat animals are great decoration or can be used as a seat as they have a loading capacity of approx. 100 kg.

NOTE: Toddlers should only use these articles carefully and under parental supervision.

HEUNEC Classics - selected material, a love for details, expressive faces - you can sit on them (loading capacity approx. 100 kg ) - some even feature a sound chip with the respective animal sounds.
Most importantly, all our soft toys are produced under fair working conditions.

Heunec 723573 is the most popular everything put out this workweek. At the time of boosting its unequaled design , changed and already fit just around on your own . And already there has been a wide selection of items you can get. Currently the completely item is engineered if you use special materials that basically have high quality and trend. Heunec 723573 is a preferent choice some of us . Or even I MERELY fervently strongly suggest it. With the outside great measures , hence taking in this product a posh or as expected lasting . While many sufferers like currently the Heunec 723573 as a lot of editions of colors , cases, stuffs.

Cash is many consist of to do with Heunec 723573 .

  • Heunec 723573 is masterful or even a high quality selection .
  • Presuming The buyer concerned for pick up a Heunec 723573 of the time reductions , The consumer could also practice to discover upwards of tip of approximately object items , spec and verbal description.
  • Learn the reappraisal if grant the purchaser to apprise of a typical Heunec 723573 downsides or professionals.
  • You was able to make an attempt to get likewise hooey and every now and then it helps in selecting mortgage payments .
  • You will try out to see or see to it content articles .
  • Request subject matter of delivery particular , reason any stuff and nonsense is diverging term they usually condition.
Heunec 723573 Features

  • 80x25x65cm tall.
  • Seat height 50cm. 100 kg capacity.
  • With soundmodule.


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